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• You can save dollars in the bathroom by installing low-flow showerheads. These days, there are several models that are earth-friendly but still give you a good showering experience. Always turn the water off while brushing your teeth, too!

• “While going through the junk drawers, I found about a million packets of assorted condiments. I felt bad junking them, but I have no idea how old they are. I put an empty cup in the fridge, and now we’ll toss new ones in there — and look to use them in lunches before they go bad.” — T. in Ohio

• “Got a plastic item that needs a bit of scrubbing? Fill a tub with hot to warm water and a capful of sudsy ammonia. Cover your hands with plastic dishwashing gloves, but add a pair of cotton gloves over top. Then, your hands are the scrubbers, and you can clean items like blinds in a flash.” — F.L. in Missouri

• “My friends and I have a summer vegetable club. Each week one of us goes to the farmer’s market and buys several varieties of fruits and vegetables. Then we split it up among us. Since many of us are in single households, it makes getting a small amount of fresh produce possible, and it’s always a great surprise to see what we’ll be getting for the week.” — C.C. in Virginia

• “We are just beginning to formulate our end-of-year plans with family. Our rule of thumb: for every three days, plan no more than two activities. This way, there is down time for either a spontaneous activity or to just relax catching up with friends and family.” — D.W. in Florida

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