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• “Want to make sure that your kids stay on schedule and get the right amount of sleep? Keep the TV off in the morning. Limit TV (and computer/game) time in the hour before bedtime. This works in our family.” — R.G. in Georgia

• “I have lost more than 30 pounds in the past year. Every time I go down a dress size, I give away the clothes that are too big. It gives me added incentive to maintain the weight loss.” — J.H. in Arizona

• Back to school hack: Dry-erase markers work on glass. That means the bathroom mirror, your daughter’s vanity, a photo frame or any other glass surface can be used to write notes on. Try chalk markers, too; they’re vibrant and colorful, plus opaque enough to be seen with any background, and they clean up with water.

• “I help my kids save money by printing out a photo of their goal: Whether it’s a bike, someplace they want to go or tickets to a concert, having the picture helps them to visualize what they’re working toward. Often it makes the difference between spending money in the moment or using self-control to delay the gratification until they can get what they really want.”

• Use a flowerpot of oiled sand to store your hand garden tools. The sand cleans and the oil lubricates and protects.

• According to the experts at Weber grills, to get your charcoal grill clean, you should preheat on high for 10-15 minutes. The heat will burn off any food bits left on the grates from your last cooking session. Then follow up with a stainless steel brush on the grates and bowl. Happy grilling, folks!

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