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Now here’s a tip

• “Here’s one I use for antiperspirant stains, as well as some other stains: Make up a solution of salt, water and vinegar and let items soak, sometimes overnight. It doesn’t always work, but it works enough that I keep doing it! Thanks!” – M.L. in Georgia

• “If you get a small cut, try sprinkling it with black pepper (finely ground). It stops the bleeding right away, and does not hurt or sting at all. I did this when I accidentally nicked myself in the kitchen. It worked! I rinsed it off after a minute or two, and it still didn’t bleed.” – J.J. in Florida

• “If you have a perpetually itchy pet, it might not be fleas. I have a boxer that was always chewing her paws and scratching herself. I knew she didn’t have a flea problem, but the vet kept insisting. I took her to another vet, who had me try a “restricted ingredient” diet. It turns out she was allergic to one of the ingredients in her dog food. She’s a different dog now, much calmer and happier. What a difference!” – D.P. in N.D.

• From J.P. in New Jersey, here’s a substitute for using candles during power failures: “Most hardware stores and home-improvement centers stock a battery-operated lantern that sells for between $16 and $20, and some last for days.”

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