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• “I like a dark wash on my jeans and have found the perfect pair fitwise, but after repeated washing they tend to lighten up. I use an in-washer dye to freshen up the color, and my jeans go back to dark blue in a snap. You can do the same with once-black pants or T-shirts that have turned faded by using black dye. Just make sure that it’s not embroidered, because it’ll dye that too.” — R.H. in Arkansas

• Heading into sniffles season, here’s a great tip from E.G.: “Get a roll of toilet paper that’s easy on the nose, then squeeze to loosen the center cardboard roll. Remove cardboard. Carefully open the bottom of an empty tissue box and insert the roll of toilet paper, threading the TP from the inside of the roll up through the center. Tape the bottom of the box closed, and then use at will. It lasts longer, it’s cheaper and you easily can replace it.”

• Use this teachers’ hack to hang a poster in your rental: Apply a piece of lowtack painter’s tape to the wall. Run a line of hot glue along the tape and push the poster into place. The poster sticks to the glue, which sticks to the tape on the wall, which is not damaged in any way.

• “Sunglass cases are excellent cord keepers. I went through so many pairs of earbuds just stuff- ing them in my backpack, but now the ones I like are safe and secure, along with my charging cord and a cube to plug into the wall outlet if I need it.” — P.A. in Florida

• Recipe substitution: For a cup of heavy cream in sauces (not whipping) try this vegan alternative: 2/3 cup plain unflavored soy milk and 1/3 cup olive oil.

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