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• Many public libraries are offering services that you’d never expect! I found that some libraries will let you reserve books online, renew your due date or even have books delivered to your home. Some have regular seminars on all kinds of topics. Check out your public library today!

• Give ripped jeans a new look with fun colored and patterned tights underneath. This works especially well for jeans whose holes have gotten out of control.

• “If you can print your boarding pass online, do it! It saved us close to half an hour the last time we flew, and with security lines being as long as they are, it’s time we needed to get to the terminal.” — I.B. in South Carolina

• The first choice for unclogging a drain should be a nontoxic one. Try pouring a half cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of full-strength vinegar. Wait 10 minutes, then run hot water, if possible.

• Use the news! Fold a section of newspaper to fit in your crisper drawer. It soaks up ambient moisture, keeping veggies crisp and fresh!

• “Purging is a daily sport in my house. Whenever a reusable tote gets a little worn down, I put it in my closet and fill it with things I no longer wear. As soon as it’s full, I drop it off at the thrift shop on my way to lunch during the week.” — E.S. in Florida

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