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• “We have a cookiemaking party every year, and we serve a nice lunch before launching into the cookies. This year, we decided to be very festive and used cookie cutters for napkin rings. They were raved about!” — B.L. in New Jersey

• “Keep a stack of blank notecards and a pen wherever you like to sit around, like the kitchen table or the end table in the living room. This will make it really easy for you and your kids to write notes to relatives or thank you notes for gifts. A text message or Facebook post is great, but everyone likes a handwritten note.” — T.R. in Ohio

• Jazz up your cookie game with these add-ins: butterscotch morsels, coconut flakes, toasted pine nuts, sea salt, malted milk balls, caramel chunks, salted or honey-roasted peanuts, sour candies, hot chocolate mix, instant coffee granules, crushed cookies or graham crackers.

• “World’s Best Mitten Tip: Here’s how my mom keeps us in mittens for more than five minutes during the winter. Measure a piece of string or yarn that is as long as your arms’ length — with arms stretched out to the sides, fingertip to fingertip, plus 12 inches or so. Secure a mitten to each end of the string — you might have to make a small hole if your mittens are not woven. Now thread them through the sleeves of your favorite coat so that the mittens hang from the arm holes. Secure the middle point of the string to the coat’s tag. Now, when you put your coat on, your mittens are there at your hands. If you don’t want to wear them, you can tuck them back up in the sleeve. You will not lose them and they stay together.” — M.R. in Minnesota

• Bring back the life of a washable marker that’s been dried out. Run the tip under a slow stream of tap water for 60 seconds, then wrap the tip in plastic and cap it. Let sit for an hour.

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