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• Add a few drops of water to votive cups before adding a candle. The wax will float on the water, and when the candle burns down, it won’t get stuck in the votive glass.

• Experts say: For every foot high your tree, you should plan for 9 feet of garland. So, a 7-foot tree would need about 63 feet of garland.

• Dropped a glass ornament? They leave tiny shards, don’t they? To get the tiniest bits up, rely on a slice of white bread. Use it to sweep up after the large pieces have been cleared. The soft bread catches it all!

• Got build-up on your battery terminal? Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a large mug of hot water, then stir vigorously. Pour over the corrosion to foam it away, then rinse, rinse, rinse.

• Put on a bracelet with no help, with the aid of a paperclip! Unfold one end to create a long loop. Hook one end on the loop, and hold the other end of the paperclip in your hand, with the bracelet end on your wrist. You have only to loop the bracelet around and hook it.

• Glass doors in the shower can be cleaned with a dryer sheet. Simply wet and rub. In fact, the texture almost gives a scrub.

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