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Now here’s a tip

• Have some leftover wine? Try freezing it in ice-cube trays, and then you can pop those cubes into a bag. They are great for adding to recipes.

• It bears repeating: The best thing you can do to both reduce your cooling costs and protect your HVAC system is change your filter monthly. A dirty filter increases the energy needed to cool air, and it can damage equipment. Make it a point to change the filter when the month changes. Buy filters in bulk and label them by month to keep track, or buy one that is washable and reuse.

• “I mostly take digital pictures, but I kind of miss having a photo album. Well, I made one, of sorts: I keep the photos sorted on my computer by month and year anyway, so I just printed out a ‘contact sheet’ for each month. It’s a collection of thumbnail-size photos, and I put them in a three-ring binder. When I am looking for a particular photo or looking for inspiration for a scrapbooking project, I browse the book.” – C.T. in Montana

• Get more juice out of a lemon by rolling it firmly on a countertop before slicing. If the lemon has been refrigerated, put it in the microwave for 10 seconds, roll, then cut. You’ll double your juice.

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