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Now Here’s a Tip



• If you are serving hot rolls on a buffet, line the basket with aluminum foil before you line it with a towel. The foil will help reflect heat, keeping the rolls warmer longer.

• Metal skewers are great for a barbecue, but the tip also can be used to create fancy designs on an iced cake, just like a pencil.

• “If you get stuck in the snow, try using your car mats to get a little traction. Keep some kitty litter or sand in the trunk too just in case you run into trouble.” — D.C. in Michigan

• “Running the heater is expensive, especially when there’s only one person in a house. I find that I can get by with a much cooler overall temperature by using my space heater for about 15 minutes in the bathroom and lounging on the couch and in bed with my electric blanket. Those two things cut down on the need to have the house toasty warm, and truly keep my heating bill in check.” — B.J. in Pennsylvania

• A pot of mulling spices on the stove top will both fill your house with a lovely holiday smell and add a respectable amount of humidity. Simply keep a watch on the kettle or pot, and add water as necessary.

• “Here’s a clothing tip on a very cold day: Today’s running tights are fantastic under pants as a liner. They are warm, wicking and cut a flattering silhouette as well. Much better than old-fashioned thermals.” — M.E. in Montana (c) 2018 King Features

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