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Now Here’s a Tip!



• “I save individual milk jugs from my kids’ fast-food meals. They’re the perfect size for packing milk in a lunchbox, and also for taking a bit of coffee creamer for the office fridge — not too big, and easily portable.” — D.L. in Maine

• Got extra mittens? Then you’ll love this tip: If find yourself with several mittens without matches, simply use them to dust around the house. Slip on a glove and dust away! They work perfectly.

• Removing sticky residue, five ways: 1) Rubbing alcohol; 2) WD-40; 3) Vinegar; 4) Nail polish remover (not for use on glossy surfaces — spot test first); 5) Dish soap.

• P.H. in Pennsylvania writes: “Got non-washable plush toys? Freshen up by spraying with women’s dry shampoo, and then rub with a dry cloth.”

• To clean spills in the oven, cover with baking soda and let cool. Then scrape out as much as possible with a metal spatula. Use damp steel wool for thick messes, or a plastic scrubbie for small jobs.

• Don’t forget to open and close all windows regularly, just to keep the tracks free of obstructions and clean. It might not be a big deal now, but in the spring, if you want to air out your home, you might find yourself with a stuck window.

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