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Now Here’s a Tip!

• Create a spa-like soap dish by adding a handful of pebbles to a deep saucer. Place your bar soap on top of it so that the water (and associated goop) runs off.

• “Add a solar-powered, motion-activated light to your patio, porch, garden, front door, etc., or anywhere you do not want animals to hang out at night. This has kept neighborhood cats from messing around in my garden during the summer, and because it’s solar powered, I moved it to near my back door for the winter months.” — I.C in Nebraska

• “To ensure your dishwasher or clothes washer is doing the best possible job of cleaning, turn on a nearby hot water faucet. Run the water until it turns warm, then start the washer. It will start with hot water and do a better job of cleaning.” — D.C. in Minnesota

• Here’s a tip for hamster owners out there: “If your dwarf hamster makes too much noise when running in its wheel (especially metal wheels), just lube it with a little olive oil. Just a drop or two will make the wheel turn so smoothly and silently, without posing any harm to the little ones in case they lick it.” — C., via email

• How to hang a gallery wall: Arrange your frames on the ground on top of a large piece of gift wrap (the back, blank side) or other blank paper. When you get the arrangement you want, outline each frame on the paper with a thick marker. Also note where the nail must go in order to hang each frame. Then simply tape the paper to the wall and drive in the nails at the noted spots. Rip the paper off the wall (gift wrap tears easily) and hang the frames on the nails left behind.

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