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• “Kids do love their sneakers, but sometimes when a kid loves his sneakers too much and wears them every day, those sneakers don’t love the family back. In short, they stink. We filled a pair of socks with a mix of the crystal kitty litter and the detergent-boosting beads that smell so good. At night, Junior takes his sneaks off and stuffs these mock socks inside. The litter absorbs moisture, and the beads leave them smelling pretty good.” — D.D. in Missouri

• “For a clean look in our bathroom, we use clear pump bottles for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I refill them as needed, and it’s so much nicer than having 10 different partially filled bottles in the bathtub.” — R.B. in North Carolina

• It’s time to brush your shoes! Give white canvas shoes a makeover with a toothbrush and plain (not colored) toothpaste. Use the toothbrush to apply the toothpaste and scrub stained areas. Wait five minutes and wipe away with a damp white rag. You should see an improvement.

• To get lift and body in your hair, use a volumizing spray at the roots, and then use your brush to lift the hair up while giving it a shot with a blow dryer.

• “In cold winter months, keep your robe (and slippers or whatever else) under the covers with you when you sleep. Pull them next to or over you a few minutes before you get up. It’ll be toasty and will help make the transition into the cold a little less harsh.” — B.M. in New York

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