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Now Here’s a Tip!



• Corral kids’ books in a traveling library by repurposing an old wagon. All you need to do is store the books spine side up for easy selection. This also makes it a snap to move it to just the right place to encourage reading, whether it’s the garden path or a blanket fort. If you don’t have a wagon to repurpose, installing some caster wheels on the bottom of a crate works, too.

• Replace mascara frequently. But if you need to freshen a tube of dry mascara, just add a few drops of contact solution to the brush and bottle.

• “Use mismatched socks as wiper blade covers when you are expecting inclement weather. It will keep your wipers from freezing to your windshield, and if they get all yucky, you can just pitch them.” — N.G. in Ohio

• Make doctor’s appointments on or near a major holiday every year. That way you don’t end up forgetting when your last annual exam or dental cleaning was.

• If you seriously need to remove a color polish from your nails, but ran out of remover, try this trick: Paint the nail generously with clear polish, then use a dry cotton ball to swipe it off. Repeat as needed.

• “This tip is for gardeners who live in areas that don’t often freeze. I’m safe most of the year, but when temperatures do dip, I cover my vulnerable plants. In addition to the freeze cloth, I also add a string of twinkle lights, which can add a surprisingly margin of heat. And they look pretty as well.” — M.M. in Georgia

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