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• “Large dogs can benefit from a raised water and food bowl. Why not make it pretty at the same time by putting a stainless-steel bowl into a decorative planter? Find a planter and bowl that have the same size opening. Your pup will thank you.” — I.B.B. in Georgia

• “Here’s a novel way to store your skewers that’s both handy and safe: Once they are clean and dry, wrap in plastic wrap. They will stay together, and the plastic can save you from being poked by the ends when they’re loose in the drawer.” — T.H. in Arkansas

• The secret to avoiding stains on your carpet is to get to spills right away. If you have a liquid spill, remove as much of the liquid as you can, then spray the stain with a solution of half vinegar and half water. Let it sit for two minutes, then blot with a towel. If it’s solid food, try using a plastic card to scrape it up from underneath so it doesn’t get ground in. Then follow the same steps as for a liquid stain.

• “It’s better to use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean your DVD player and other electronics. Moisture will damage your electrical circuits, so no spray cleaners. But there is one thing you can spray into those cracks to help you clean: canned air! It’s is a great alternative for dislodging dust from vents without risking your tech. While you have it out, you might try ‘dusting’ the headphone and charging ports on your cellphone, too.”— M.F. in Oregon

• “Need sliced mushrooms for your salad or recipe? They are hard to cut, but you might have the perfect tool for doing the job already in your kitchen. If you have an egg slicer, get it out. It works very well for mushrooms, and it’s easier to use than trying to cut those slices yourself.” — J.R. in Utah

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