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Mostly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• Here’s a great way to get a charcoal fire started. Use a coffee can with both ends removed. Punch holes in the bottom third of the can. Put it in your grill, add two or three crumpled newspaper sheets to the bottom and then pile the charcoal briquettes on top to about two-thirds full. Light the newspaper through the bottom holes and wait for the fire to get all the briquettes nice and hot. Remove with tongs and the briquettes spread out like magic, ready to use. Happy grilling!

• F.F. from Colorado writes with a great tip for cleaning vases: “Two tablets of Alka-Seltzer in a flower vase filled with water will make the stains fizz away.”

• “When boiling eggs, put about 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar into the water. It makes the shell pull off with ease. Also, if you like, after boiling for about five minutes, you can turn off the burner and put a lid on the pot. The eggs will keep cooking.” – S.H. in Ohio

• To get the most out of increasingly expensive facial creams, moisturizers and foundation, make sure you apply them in the correct order and give them some time to be absorbed into the skin. Use toner first, then any serum products, then moisturizers (give it a full three minutes to soak in) and then sunscreen. Then you can apply your makeup products.

• “Lip balm makes a nice pinch-hitter for lotion if you have dry hands, especially if your knuckles and nail beds are looking dry.” – V.L., via e-mail

• Recipe Substitutions: If you need 1 cup of corn syrup, dissolve 1 cup white sugar in 1/4 cup of hot water.

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