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Now Here’s a Tip!



• “If you have a flannelbacked vinyl tablecloth that gets a tear, don’t throw it out. You can cut it into rectangles to line a shelf. Use a thin bead of glue at the edges to keep them down, and it makes a nice liner. You can even use squares between pans as a scuff guard.” — T.A. in Ohio

• Washcloths with tags on them can be hung from an “S” hook on a towel bar. You can fit several, and they’ll still dry as long as you hang them from the tag.

• Sewing machine tip from C.K. in Texas: “After you oil your machine, use a folded over paper towel to put a few stitches through. It will absorb any excess oil that is on the machine’s surface or needle.”

• Use a used fabric softener sheet to collect cat hair from areas where Kitty likes to nap — the back of the couch, fabriccovered chairs, etc. This also works on curtains that are regularly rubbed up against. Make sure you use a sheet that has already gone through the laundry.

• “Idea for an old, unpaired sock: Insert a tennis ball and tie closed, then give to a dog as a toy.” — R. in Oregon. (Here’s another: Fill with clean, uncooked white rice and knot closed. Heat in the microwave for a hot pack to use on aching muscles.)

• Use an old toothbrush to clean out your combs or small brushes. Spray the comb with alcohol and then use the toothbrush to scrub it clean.

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