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• O.L. writes: “Never store bread in the refrigerator. The cold will turn it stale, dry and tasteless, and it also will soak up odors from the fridge. Use a breadbox to keep moisture from escaping. In a pinch, you can store bread in a microwave.”

• When painting your own nails, always use a top coat, and give the tip of your nails a swipe with the polish. They’re less likely to chip.

• “A skunk spray is a smell you will not forget, and if your dog gets a full dose, you’d better wash it off right away, or it’ll linger FOREVER. Here’s one good method, but it will likely need repeating a few times. First rinse off your dog and especially his face and around his eyes. Then generously lather him up with dog shampoo. Rinse and rough dry with a junk towel, then absolutely soak him with canned tomato juice. Keep him still and don’t let him shake for 20 minutes, then repeat the wash.” — T.D. in Alabama

• Cover rusty springs on your trampoline with short sections of pool noodles.

• “I had picked up a pizza for dinner and I had a longer than-normal drive to get home. I used the sun reflector that I put in my windshield to wrap the pizza box. I figured it would be like one of those pizza delivery bags. It worked.” — H.P. in Florida

• Add a cinnamon stick to your vacuum cleaner bag or to the collection container. It may help circulate a nice smell as you clean.

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