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• “I found a great way to reuse old, stretched-out athletic socks. Gather some together and stuff them into one sock, then put it in your car. On mornings when your windows are fogged by dew, just pull one out and wipe your windows clear. The socks will absorb the moisture, just like they do sweat. Then either toss or wash to use again.” — J.C. in Florida

• Corn on the grill is delicious. To prevent the ear from being dried out by charring, wrap each ear in aluminum foil. If you want to get fancy, try adding any of the following for variety: a slather of butter and sprinkled taco seasoning (or ranch seasoning); cojita cheese and cumin; a slathering of mayonnaise and sprinkled red pepper, chipotle seasoning and lime juice.

• Nothing beats a crisp pickle crunch at a barbecue. Dill pickles are predominantly vinegary and salty, while bread and butter pickles are sweet. Dill pickles clock in at five calories an ounce, but sweets will net up to 40!

• “I love air-popped popcorn, but I couldn’t get my salt to stick! Adding butter seems counterproductive, so I used a couple blasts of non-stick cooking spray. No additional calories, and it was just enough to give the salt something to grab onto.” — T. in Maine

• “I use a lingerie bag (the zip-up kind for delicates in the clothes washer) to put small items in the top rack of the dishwasher. It works like a charm for baby bottle pieces, small toys, canning lids and other small parts that are tough enough for the heat but might fall through the rack.” — R.W. in Louisiana

• Keep paper lunch bags at the ready to ripen produce. This method can be used for peaches, pears, apples, avocados or tomatoes.


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