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Now Here’s a Tip!



• “When you have a delicate lampshade, or one that has a textured fabric, it can be hard to get the dust off. One method that I’ve used is a lint roller. This works well for flat but textured, when a dusting rag would make it stick worse. If you have pleats, sometimes the best way is to remove it and take it outside, then use canned, compressed air to blow the dust off.” — Y.L. in Arizona

• To de-fat a broth, simply put it in the freezer. As the broth cools, the separated fat condenses at the top. You can peel it right off or scoop it away with a spoon.

• Coffeepot got a layer of grime? For a little extra scrub power, use a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a few drops of dish soap. It’s a minor abrasive, and it deodorizes, too. Rinse clean and repeat if necessary.

• “Here’s a great summer activity: Save toilet paper rolls and paper towel cores, plus any small boxes. Add small hook and loop squares on the corners and sides. Then, kids can use them as free-form building blocks. It’s fun to see what kinds of things they create. Save larger boxes to create a backyard castle using duct tape or packing tape to join boxes.” — V.E. in Pennsylvania

• “I dropped an earring down the disposal in the kitchen. It was hard to see and even harder to get at. I was at the point of despair. My lovely husband tied a string around a magnet and was able to pull it out.” — W.E. in South Carolina

• Deskinning chicken pieces is easier if you use a paper towel to grab onto the skin.

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