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Now Here’s a Tip!



• To test the seals on your refrigerator and freezer, close a piece of paper in the door. If you can pull it out easily, it’s likely that your seal is loose. Clean or replace door gaskets for a better seal.

• To clean the microwave, try adding the juice of half a lemon to a cup of water and setting to boil (four minutes) in the microwave. Let the steam circulate for an additional four minutes, then remove the cup and wipe down all sides of interior. Use the cut lemon to clean a wooden cutting board. Sprinkle with salt and scrub, then rinse and dry.

• Use a seam ripper, meant for sewing, to remove hair that is wrapped around the beater bar of your vacuum.

• “To keep plywood or thin materials from splitting, I tape my cut line with low-tack masking tape. It keeps my cut sharp, reduces the fraying and it’s easy to remove when I’m done.” — G.S. in Minnesota

• “Old flowerpots can be brought back to new life with a good scrub, a coat of paint and a healthy dose of sealant. This works especially well on pots with some detailing. The new paint and seal really bring out the decoration, and you can make a group of mishmash pots have a cohesive look.” — M.W. in Oregon

• Packing small jewelry for a trip? Consider using a pill minder — the plastic storage bins with seven days or more that are used to organize medicine. These work very well.

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