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• Yet another use for a microfiber cloth: Keep one in your vehicle to dust the dashboard or remove smudges from your windshield.

• Bring a binder clip and a zip-top plastic bag with you on a flight, and you can put your phone in the bag and clip it up on the seat in front of you for easy viewing. A gallon-size bag, two binder clips and a small bungee work for a tablet.

• “Our family loves to make our own pizza, and we purchase dough from a pizzeria. On pizza nights, I pick up the dough first thing on the way home from work and let it sit in a bowl in the car while I pick up the kids and drive home. It takes about 45 minutes, so it’s risen nicely while we’ve been on the go.” — E.F. in New York

• If you have stainless steel appliances, you might want to try a simple furniture polish to get those surfaces shiny and smudge free. You can use most any commercial spray-on polish, applied with a clean, lint-free rag.

• Peg racks mounted low on the wall near an entranceway can make a swell shoe rack. Hang shoes from pegs by the heel. It’s a great way to keep your daily walkers up off the floor!

• “Plastic containers with a serving spout can be used for more than fruit juice and sweet tea! Mine fit a full bag of flour or sugar, and if I open a hole in the bag right where the spout is, I can pour what I need out without even removing the top. Admittedly, it works better for sugar than for flour, but it still makes baking goods easy to store.” — T. in Arkansas

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