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Now Here’s a Tip!



• “I found some really cool curtain tie-backs on a clearance rack. I bought several and mounted them as hooks (I used an extra anchor), and they work perfectly.” — S.L. in Ohio

• Mount a tension bar high up in your closet, and you can use shower hooks to hang pocketbooks and small bags, utilizing the dead space and keeping your bags from getting crushed.

• “Quick outdoor upgrade: Power wash a wood fence or your driveway before summer is over. As the weather cools down, I know I’m spending more time outside. With a pressure wash, your fence will look nice and clean.” — JoAnn

• “ Use the clips on a pants hanger to keep curtains closed in a hotel room. This has saved me from getting woken up too early because my room is facing the morning sun.” — Y.L. in New Mexico

• Be sure to clean earbuds and phone/table touchscreens regularly –especially as kids go back to school and face a new group of germs they might not have been exposed to over the summer break.

• Use a Tic-Tac container to store bobby pins or toothpicks for traveling. An Altoids tin makes a good holder for flossers.

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