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• “If you have to put a lid over something that is likely to stick to it, try giving the inside of the lid a very light coating of vegetable oil. I do this when I am transporting dip to a potluck. Vegetable oil has no flavor, really, and it’s just enough to let the lid come off without taking the top layer with it.” — J.A. in Florida

• “I use an ice-cube tray to freeze leftover coffee so I can use it for iced coffee. It’s great because the coffee doesn’t water down — it just gets richer. I save broth this way, too. Last week I pulled out a couple cubes of what I thought were broth to thin my leftover chili. Turns out they were coffee cubes, and the flavor was really good! I was surprised enough that I had to share.” — R.F. in Virginia

• Here’s a great way to make waterproof matches for camping. Light a candle or use a wax melt in a warmer. When the wax is good and melted, get a box of matches ready (preferably strike-anywhere matches, but strike on box works, too). Dip each match head into the melted wax and set aside on a piece of parchment until dry and hardened.

• You can use a light mist of 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water to polish chrome bath and kitchen fixtures. Spray and buff smudges away.

• “My daughter is a softball player, and here’s what her coach suggested as an ice pack for when she gets home: unpopped popcorn kernels. They get cold but not uncomfortably so, they can easily mold to any body part and they don’t melt into a mess. If you needed to, you can empty them out into a pan and stick your hand or foot into it. Be sure to label them so you don’t try to pop them later!” — L.D. in Georgia

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