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Now here’s a tip!


• What’s going on sale in September? Look for cookware, dishes, pool toys and pool accessories, patio furniture, plus great deals on new cars (2020 models and closeout sales on 2019 models).

• Here’s a great mattress de-funker recipe: Mix a cup of baking soda with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Sprinkle evenly over your bare mattress. Allow to penetrate for up to an hour, then vacuum up the remaining powder.

• “It’s almost time for Scouts to start up again. I have been washing uniforms and sashes, and I find this trick to be helpful when it comes time to stitch on badges: Put a bit of plain school glue on the back of your badge, place it where you want it on the sash, then let it dry. It will stay in place long enough to stich the edges. When you launder it, the glue will wash right out.” — R.D. in Florida

• A school-success tip: Have middle- and high school kids identify a friend in every class who they can turn to for questions about assignments or course material. It’s beneficial to be that friend for someone else, too!

• Here’s a great tip for future international travel: “Get yourself a power strip and you’ll only need one plug adapter for foreign plugs. You will make friends at the airport, too, on a layover.” — G.G. in Arkansas

• When searching for airline flights, try going incognito in your browser, using a private browser, or deleting your cookies between searches. It can sometimes make a price difference.

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