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Now here’s a tip

• “I have a 42-inch plasma television with only one wall I can display it on. This wall receives two hours of direct sunlight each morning, and it shines directly onto the screen. I covered it with towels, but that seemed like too much work, so I purchased a mattress cover for a baby’s crib. It fits perfectly – the dimensions of the cover are 42 inches by 27 1/2 inches. Being fitted with elastic corners, it fits snugly in place. – D.J., via e-mail

• “I sew a lot and do alterations for many people. I have found that if I use invisible thread for the top thread and change bobbins for different colors, I save a lot of time by not threading the needle every time I do a different-colored garment.” – J.S., via e-mail

• Want to make that manicure last longer? Paint under the tip of your nail. Experts say it can extend the life of your polish for up to three days, by preventing chipping. To keep nails shiny between polishes, coat with a clear, UV-protecting coat every other day.

• “Facial cleansers are less likely to irritate your skin if you apply them to damp skin. They will lather better, too.” – E.L. in Minnesota

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