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• “Need brown sugar for a recipe and suddenly realize you’re out? Save a trip to the grocery store by adding molasses to white sugar. No molasses? Use maple syrup in a pinch.” — W.S. in Florida

• Keep it clean in the laundry room with this quick cleanup tip: When you do a load of towels or rags, use one of them to wipe down the washer and dryer — including a quick scrub of the lint trap — before tossing the rag in the wash.

• “The last time I went through my plastic containers to remove the ones without lids and the lids that have no container, I thought ‘How does this even happen?’ So, when I got ready to put the ‘keep’ pile back, I decided that I would store them with their lids attached. It has worked well. Even though it takes up a little more space, they are all there, and no lid or container has gone missing.” — M.M. in Ohio

• To keep hard floors in good shape, get a microfiber mop that is strictly for dust mopping. Treat it with an appropriate floor- care agent, and make sure that you toss the mop head in the wash regularly. Never use fabric softener when washing or drying microfiber cleaning cloths.

• Store an extra set of sheets and an additional blanket under the bed in a laundry basket for easy accessibility.

• When making a cream pie filling or a custard, you may substitute two egg yolks for each egg.

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