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Now here’s a tip!


• Geometric patterns painted on walls are hot right now, and they can add interest to a room for a small price tag. One place where you don’t want to skimp, though, is on your low-tack masking tape. Buy a good-quality painter’s tape that will give a really clean line. Take the time to press it down so that no paint bleeds underneath. Then, after painting, wait until paint is dry to the touch before removing.

• One quick way to reduce a single-use plastic at the coffee shop: Skip the coffee stirrer. It’s easy if you put your cream and sweetener in the cup first, then fill. The coffee gets mixed up as you fill your cup.

• “Old newspapers can be used to clean glass and chrome. They leave behind less lint than paper towels and can be used with both a misting of water or glass cleaner.” — I.R. in Kentucky

• If you like to saute with butter, be sure to add a bit of oil to the pan as well. Butter burns more quickly at higher temperatures, but the oil will stabilize it and give you more time to cook. Plus the combo is tasty for vegetables.

• “My boys drink a lot of milk. My secret weapon is powdered milk. Yep, I mix up a gallon and then cut it half and half with whole milk. It stretches my supply and my buying power, plus I never really run out of milk.” — D. in Washington

• “Use your egg slicer to get even slices of mushrooms. Even kids can help with this fun task. ( Just make sure they are supervised at all times.)” — M.M. in New Hampshire

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