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Now here’s a tip!


• Do you butter your cheese? You might want to try it when you hear this tip from K.M. in Pennsylvania: “I was always taught to rub a bit of butter on the cut side of my cheese so that it would not dry out.”

• “ I love handmade whipped cream, but it’s a little bit messy when it starts out. I throw a small kitchen towel over the mixer until it gets solid, and this has cut down substantially on mixer messes!” — T.T. in Minnesota

• When static season hits, try this fun trick: Mix a liquid fabric softener and water in a 1 part to 4 parts ratio. Use this to spray carpets from time to time.

• Looking for a small eco-friendly swap? Try using biodegradable garbage bags. They are available at some grocery stores and at online retailers.

• “I have two guest bedrooms that hardly get used until holidays. I keep the beds made up, but when I am expecting guests I will usually strip the beds to freshen the sheets and blankets. I toss the sheets into the dryer with a fabric-softener sheet and hang the blanket outside in the sunshine for several hours. It always does the trick, and I don’t need to wash linens that are already clean!” — U.C. in California

• “When you get to the end of your bottle of shampoo or conditioner, just add a bit of water to the bottle, and then shake. You can get at least two more uses out of it, even if you think it’s totally empty. Waste not, want not!” — G.T. in Alabama

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