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Now here’s a tip!


• Frozen grapes make great ice cubes for white wine and punch. They are tasty straight out of the freezer, too.

• Want to keep certain rooms off-limits to wandering little ones? If you slip a baby sock over a doorknob, then secure it with a heavy-duty rubber band, it will keep toddlers out! — E.R. in Ohio

• You might be tempted to reserve your silver flatware for special occasion use, but it can be used daily. If you do so, it will be less likely to tarnish and require special cleaning and polishing. Hand wash gently — never put silver in the dishwasher — and store in drawers lined with a tarnish proof cloth for best results.

• Substitute cottage cheese for sour cream in dips by running it through a blender until smooth. It’s lower in calories and higher in protein than sour cream.

• “If you eat one meal out in a restaurant each day, let it be lunch. The prices are typically lower, and the portions are not really smaller. It’ll keep you going all day, and you can have a light meal or snack in the evening.” — S.L. in Nevada

• Self-care tip: It’s a great idea to set aside a bit of time before bed to think about your goals for the future or to review the successes and lessons learned of the day — or just to not think at all. Double down on the me-time by taking the time to hydrate your skin with some lotion.

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