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Now here’s a tip!



• A potato peeler plus a bar of chocolate makes for a very fancy garnish for cake tops or even for hot drinks.

• Holidays got you stressed? Take a breathing break. Deep belly breaths, sometimes called “focus breaths,” can lower blood pressure, calm stress-induced heart rate and induce a relaxation response. Simply sit or lie down somewhere safe and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply, and let your belly rise with the inhalation. Breathe out slowly and evenly.

• “If a gingerbread house is just too complicated for the kiddos, try this: They can make a holiday forest of trees! Give the kids several ice-cream cones to frost and set them upside down on a tray. Decorate with small candies, etc. You can chip out a ‘door’ and make one of them an elf house if you feel like it.” — W.L. in North Carolina

• Candy canes can be pulverized in a food processor to dust cookies and cakes. Add a bit of confectioner’s sugar to stretch it if needed.

• “Our family of carol singers is happy when they return home from a singing sleigh ride: We serve everyone a big mug of hot chocolate. Our secret for keeping it hot for a crowd? We use our slow cooker and ladle it straight out of the pot!” — R.E. in Minnesota

• Potatoes can be boiled whole, then plunged into icy water briefly when cooked. The skins should slip right off. No need to spend all that time peeling potatoes!

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