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Now here’s a tip!



• Movie theater hack: “When buttering up your popcorn, grab a straw and stick it down into the tub. Line up the straw with the butter dispenser, and you can distribute butter into the lower layers of your popcorn. Remove the straw and finish off with butter over the top.” — P.A. in Florida

• “Defog your bathroom mirror with a quick shot of shaving cream. Smear all around and wipe off with a clean, dry face cloth.” — L.A. in Georgia

• Use one leg of a pair of stockings over the hose of a vacuum cleaner to “dust” a bookcase. If you have small knickknacks they won’t get sucked up, but dust will. If your stocking gets clogged by a dust bunny, just wipe it off and continue.

• A toilet paper or paper towel roll slit down the side makes a handy clamp for keeping wrapping paper from unraveling.

• Go Green Tip: Most large chains have really gotten on the bandwagon with reusable shopping bags. Here’s a tip to help you have one with you at the right moment. Keep several in the trunk. Purchase one or two foldable bags. There are some that fold small enough to fit comfortably in a woman’s purse. Keep one of them hanging from your gearshift, and if you attach it to a carabiner clip, you might remember to clip it right to your belt!

• Common substitutions: Recipe call for arrowroot starch? Substitute all-purpose flour.

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