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• Before removing a splinter, ice the area. There will be less fussing, and a wooden splinter might absorb some liquid, causing it to swell enough to pop out a bit more.

• “I used the mileage counter in my car to come up with several 2-mile routes for walking. Now I can vary my routine and be assured that I’ve walked 2 miles, which is my goal. I just drive from my house until I hit a mile on the trip odometer, and then I walk to that spot and back.” — I.L. in Nevada

• Use a tea infuser ball for aromatherapy. Apply several drops of essential oils to a cotton ball and place it inside the infuser basket. Then simply hang it to distribute the scent. You can hang it from a light bulb or even in front of the air handler for your air conditioning or heating intake.

• “If you’re looking to give yourself a bit of traction on icy sidewalks, be careful what you use. While kitty litter is a much-recommended solution, when it melts, you’re left with a slippery pile of clay. Salt can de-ice a sidewalk, but it definitely will kill plants, so be precise, and don’t use too much of either. I carry a baggie of sand in my bag and keep a small bucket for the steps. It’s not perfect, but it works.” — T. in Pennsylvania

• “The knob came off my pot lid because it cracked. I grabbed a wine cork and threaded it on the screw. It stays in place and is never hot when I need to remove the top. Plus it looks cute.” — E.T. in Alabama

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