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Now here’s a tip!



• A squirt of shaving cream can help release latex paint specks on your hands from using a roller brush. Just rub over hands and rinse.

• Baked apples (or stuffed peppers) will stay perfectly upright if you set them into the wells of a muffin tin.

• Make your own bath oil by mixing a couple of drops of your favorite perfume with a bit of baby oil. Just rub on post-bath or add to your bathwater.

• “Recently I cooked a big batch of broccoli in the afternoon. The house had that cabbage smell. I don’t like air fresheners because the strong smell gives me a headache. My neighbor told me to boil a couple of cups of vinegar and let it simmer for 10 minutes. At first, the vinegar smell replaced the cabbage smell, but then it totally disappeared and all the smells were gone too.” — E.Y. in Pennsylvania

• “Use your vegetable peeler to make strips of butter if it’s cold and you need to spread it on bread. The strips’ large amount of surface area help the butter to soften quickly, making it easy to spread.” — M.M. in Texas

• “Get king-size pillowcases from a thrift store to cover a diaper changing pad. They are the right size and cheap!” — D.L. in Florida

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