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• “For uniform cookies, roll and freeze your dough for 10-15 minutes. Most doughs will harden enough to slice into perfectly even slices, and the freezing doesn’t really affect cooking time too much. (Watch your first batch, though.)” — R.L. in Missouri

• If you are reattaching a button to shorts or pants, try using dental floss, the unwaxed kind. It’s much stronger and can hold the button better than regular thread. Use a marker to darken it if the color is an issue.

• “Here’s a use for large plastic jugs: Cut off the bottom and use as a megaphone at sports games. Assemble the younger siblings off field and let each have his or her own megaphone. They can be decorated with stickers. Have the kids make up a cheer.” — T.T. in Texas

• Dampen a paper towel with vinegar and put it into your kid’s lunchbox after you wipe it out. Zip up and leave overnight. It absorbs smells.

• “Use a hair dryer on the warm setting to dry out boots that have gotten wet inside. Check often to make sure it’s not getting too hot inside. Remove insoles if possible.” — D.E. in Nebraska

• Need an easy substitute for buttermilk? Squeeze lemon juice into milk, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before using.

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