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• Lightly spoon flour into your measuring cup. Never pack it down or tap the cup to level. Simply fill and then use the flat edge of a knife to remove the excess back to the original container. It’s best to weigh dry goods if possible, for the most consistent results.

• “Here’s a delicious recipe that’s also beautiful: Homemade sugar scrub! Mix a cup of sugar with a tablespoon of salt and a quarter cup of olive oil. Use in the bath to scrub away rough patches and leave your skin smooth and hydrated. You can add a drop of perfume or essential oil for scent.” — R.K. in Indiana

• “It feels like we have less and less time with our doctors, and mine feels that way, too. Before I head to my appointment, I make a list of my top three discussion items and copy it out again for the doctor. When he walks in, I hand him the list so we stay on topic.” — C.E. in Massachusetts

• Use clean tin cans to make and decorate tiny cakes. They can be used just like a regular cake pan, just grease and dust with flour. Be sure to use only cans that are not lined with anything, because some cans are lined with BPA plastic!

• “You can reuse the envelopes that come in junk mail and solicitations. I use them to keep coupons together for when I go to the store, and magazine clippings that I save for my daughter.” — M.W. in Alabama

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