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Now here’s a tip!



• Turn on the hot water for three or four minutes to loosen debris on shower walls. It’s much easier to clean when the tile is warm and steamy.

• Here’s a great storage solution: screw a metal magazine holder to the inside of a cabinet door. Do this in the bathroom to store a hair dryer or other hair tools. In the kitchen, it makes a wonderful holder for smaller pot lids or foil, wax paper, parchment, etc.

• Manners check: “If you are getting into line at a shop, it’s time to end your call. When you try to continue your phone conversation, it means the cashier can’t effectively communicate with you and you risk holding up the line. If the call is that important, just wait until you end it to get in line. Thank you!” — M.R. in Virginia

• When arranging your fridge, keep the better choices at eye level and easy to grab.

• Get rid of smelly stains on your cutting board with a lemon. Use the cut side of a lemon to scrub your plastic or wood board. For a little extra scrub, sprinkle the lemon with salt. Rinse and air dry.

• “To reach the highest cobweb or the lowest dust bunnies, get a yardstick and cover one end with an old tube sock. Use a rubber band to secure it to the stick and you can use it to swipe at the high corners of your rooms or slide it under the furniture. Works like a charm.” — E.T. in Michigan

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