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Now here’s a tip!



• “Having a fancy dinner where you’ll serve wine? You can pour box wine into a glass decanter. It will look and taste better because decanting aerates wine.” — O.D. in Washington

• Set a timer to remember to add softener to your load of laundry, and another for when the load is done. Buzzers can’t always be heard, and it’s best to not let your wet laundry sit.

• To loosen dirt in window tracks, try this trick: Sprinkle baking soda along the track, and use a detail brush to loosen stuck dirt. Vacuum out debris, and then dust with a lightly damp rag. Should be clean!

• “Do you still watch DVDs? I do, and when they get a scratch, you can try this trick: Rub the surface with a little clear lip balm. Buff from center to edge in a straight line. The balm fills the cracks, making it watchable.” — F. in Georgia

• Dollar stores and other discount chains are great places to pick up cleaning supplies, paper goods and school supplies on the cheap. They carry national brands that can save you a bundle.

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