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Now here’s a tip!



• If you’re able to, fold and hang clothing straight from the dryer. The warmth of a cycle can set wrinkles that occur from being stuffed into a laundry basket.

• “I really abhor bar soap, but my husband prefers it. After cleaning the soap dish, I smear it with petroleum jelly. I do the underside too. There’s a little lip that will keep the soap from sliding off, but the petroleum jelly keeps the inevitable sludge from sticking to the soap dish, making my cleaning routine much easier!” — A.D. in Idaho

• For maximum effectiveness, spray, then wait, then wipe. Spray cleaners need contact time to both cut through grime and to kill germs. Give surfaces a light mist, then wait up to 10 minutes before wiping clean.

• To make an avocado rose as a garnish, place half an avocado cut side down and slice. Fan the slices out into a long line, then wrap around into a spiral shape.

• Chef’s secret: If you sprinkle salt from 12-14 inches above the food you’re seasoning, it’s called “raining,” and it helps the salt crystals to distribute evenly across the food’s surface. Plus it will make you look cool.

• “If your pup has an upset stomach, you can try giving him kefir. It’s packed with probiotics and is especially good if Fido is on antibiotics or has a yeast problem. Not too much. Just a tablespoon as a treat once a day.” — B.T. in Texas


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