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Now here’s a tip!



• Spice racks can pull double duty on the walls by your vanity. They are the perfect size for toiletries and makeup items. They also work very nicely for nail polish bottles.

• “To get the best reading on meat using a meat thermometer, try sticking it in from the side. It can go in further, and to me it feels like I get a better reading than poking it in all over a steak.” — M.E. in Florida

• Things you can freeze in small portions using an ice cube tray: tomato paste, coffee, coconut milk, broth or stock, wine, herbed butter or herbed olive oil.

• “If you have trouble holding your cat still to clip his claws, sneak up on him while he’s asleep. You might only get a couple done before he catches on and wriggles away, but you’ll get there.” — P.L. in Oklahoma City (This great tip works for babies, too! — JoAnn)

• If you fill a flowerpot with clean sand, you can use it to store your garden hand tools. It looks cute, and they are accessible, too!

• “To get the dog to stop eating his food so fast, my daughter puts dry food in a silverware sorter — the plastic insert that holds cutlery in a drawer. Their dogs have to work at it, and it has helped them slow down so they don’t get sick. She can just toss it in the dishwasher to clean, too!” — U.E. in Ohio

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