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Now here’s a tip

+ Readers: I get many requests for a solution to stubborn antiperspirant stains. Here’s one solution for non-set stains – i.e., items that have maybe been washed, but not run through the dryer: add half a cup of ammonia to 4 cups of water; dab the solution on the stain; repeat until the stain is removed; wash and dry. Do not launder with chlorine bleach after treating garment with ammonia.

+ Here’s another laundry tip: I keep an old sock handy by the dryer to swipe up stray lint after cleaning the lint trap (remember to clean it after every load). In fact, I keep a basket of unmatched socks by the dryer, handy for any cleaning purpose.

+ “My son wears baseball caps – all the time. He must have 30 of them. I installed a tension rod in the very top of his closet, about 6 inches out from the top of the doorway. I added a few S-hooks, and he can keep his collection up there. The hats hang nicely from the hooks, and they don’t get crushed like on a shelf. And at that height in the closet, it was basically unused space anyway.” – T.L.’s Mom in Colorado

+ “I keep a couple of stamps and a couple of return-address labels in my wallet. This has proven to be a very handy practice many times.” – R.D. in South Carolina

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