Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• “Summertime can be hard on dogs, especially here in the South. To give our dogs a cool treat, we make ice toys. Fill a small bucket with a little water, let it freeze, and then add a few dog treats. Add more water, then more treats as the layers freeze. When it’s done, it kind of resembles a Jell-O mold. Put it outside on a hot day, and dogs stay cool and occupied by licking the treats out!” – S.A. in Georgia

• “Dab clear nail polish on the threads of buttons. This will strengthen them and help to keep the button secured to the clothing.” – E.I. in Virginia

• You can clean the crusty buildup of battery acid on carbattery connections with a can of Coca Cola. Pop the top, pour it on and scrub gently with a brush. You’ll be surprised what a can of Coke can do. Rinse the battery and the ground below with some water afterward, as the sugar can attract ants.

• “Odd socks can be great cleaning tools, but they would sometimes get mixed back into the regular laundry. This was confusing, because I had to discover that they were odd socks all over again. I finally bought a fabric pen and now write a ‘C’ on all the odd socks. When I am sorting the laundry, it’s easy to tell which socks are cleaning socks.” – P.L. in Texas

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