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Now here’s a tip!


• “I use curbside pickup for my groceries these days. I keep two large laundry baskets in the hatchback of my vehicle. Any bags go in the baskets, so it’s easy to transport them into the house and keep contact to a minimum. When I’m done unloading and wiping down, I can spray out the laundry baskets and let them dry in the sun for next time. Can’t be too careful.” — T.E. in Virginia

• “Stay ahead of the drain: Pour a tea kettle of boiling water down the drain once a month, or if you notice the drain slowing. The hot water can break up material collecting inside the drain. Half a cup of baking soda added to the water will absorb any odors that are building.” — Colepepper Plumbing in California

• “I color code my plants by their light needs. The closer the pot color is to red, the more light it needs. For instance, my lavender is in a red pot — full sun. I have a nice potted citronella that likes part sun, so it’s in a lime-colored pot (yellow-green) and my indoor pots are plum. I have a lovely rainbow of plants!” — Y.S. in Arizona

• A hanging shoe rack is a handy place to keep office supplies and school supplies for the whole family. Pencils, markers, assignment cards, and even papers. You can give each person a row, or label the pockets.

• There’s a lot of decluttering going on across the country right now. Here’s a pro tip: For seasonal items, if you didn’t wear it last season, consider selling or donating. Same applies if it’s a specialty item (ski-wear, hiking boots, formal-wear) that hasn’t been used for more than two years. Many people keep items that are on the expensive side, even though season after season goes by without the item being used. If you rationalize keeping the scuba suit, plan a scuba trip!

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