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Now here’s a tip!



• Free up space on your smartphone by setting text messages to auto delete after a certain amount of time, like 30 or 60 days. If you have a friend who loves to send you gifs or endless bitmojis, you might want to have your chuckle, then delete. These image files take up much more space than a text message.

• “Baking soda can have a whitening effect on some fabrics and is a good alternative for items that might be sensitive to the harshness of bleach in the washing machine. It’s fantastic for musty items as well. Add a cup of baking soda to a load of towels, then add a cup of vinegar to the rinse water.” — T.H. in Kansas

• Periodically take down curtains and run them through the clothes dryer to dust. If they are not delicate, you can add a couple wool dryer balls to help loosen the dust. Rehang as soon as they are finished to avoid unsightly wrinkles.

• “Drop a small item in a hard to reach place? Slip a sock over the end of a vacuum hose attachment and hold to secure. Turn on the vacuum and “suck up” the small item. The suction will hold it in place, but it will not go into the vacuum. Rather, it will be held captive in the sock, which you can simply slip off for retrieval.” — A.F. in New York

• Pet treats for fish? Sure! If you have lettuce in your vegetable crisper, most varieties of fish would enjoy a nibble on a floating piece. Just make sure that you remove any uneaten bits after a day.

• “Tired of waiting for that frothy head on your beer or root beer to go down? Stick your finger in it and watch it disappear like magic.” — K.E. in Idaho

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