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Now here’s a tip!



• “If you seal your jelly jars with wax, here’s a good tip: Place a small piece of string into the wax before it hardens. Then, you’ll be able to pull on the string to remove the wax when you are ready to enjoy your homemade goodies!” — U.L. in Maine

• Get your charcoal grill to light quickly by sacrificing a handful of Doritos in a paper bag. Light the bag and get ready to BBQ!

• “I had a pair of tights that had a run, so I was getting ready to toss them, but I cut off the leg and tied a travel size bar of soap in the middle, right about where the knee would be. I knotted it on either side so the soap would stay in place. I use it as a self-foaming back scrubber, and it really works well.” — P.B. in North Dakota

• “If you have an item that must be cooked in the oven, see if there’s any other foods you can prep cook with it. Better to have the oven on a couple days of the week instead of every day, and you can reheat a quick dinner another night.” — B.J. in Pennsylvania

• Use melted ice cream in place of cream in recipes for sweets. I use it as my own secret weapon when making frosting for cupcakes.

• “My husband just loves homemade meatballs, because they are juicier than bagged and frozen ones, which can turn out very dry. To hold the moisture, I use lightly ground oatmeal in place of breadcrumbs. I just toss a cup of oatmeal in the blender and give it a whirl. It doesn’t need to be fine. The oatmeal really retains moisture and makes them so good!” — J.J. in Florida

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