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• “I found a small waste basket that fits right between the wall and my dryer. There’s a gap that’s about 8 inches wide. The lip of the basket keeps it from sliding down to the floor, so it’s easy to clean out the lint trap and put the waste in the basket. Also, I used a strip of hook-and-loop tape to attach a tissue holder box vertically to the wall. I stick a box of fabric softener sheets in it, and they, too, are right where I need them.” — T.K. in Nevada

• “To keep the kitchen garbage can from smelling, I put spoiled food items in a bread bag, and then put it in the freezer until it’s time for the garbage collector. I also have a friend with a compost bin, and I am doing the same with vegetables, fruit and peelings. I plan to bring the whole mess when I get to visit. The compost bin won’t care if it’s been defrosted!” — E.L. in Virginia

• “Place recipes inside of a plastic bag so that they can be handled while cooking, but not dirtied. This is especially necessary with heirloom recipes. For myself, I have made photocopies of recipes handed down from my grandmother, so the originals are safe in the cookbook. I like handwritten recipe cards because it’s like the writer is there with you.” — T. in Ohio

• Clogged drain? Don’t use chemicals. “If you do encounter a full clog, try hot water and baking soda first. If that doesn’t work, try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Avoid plumbing snakes, which can scratch the interior of your pipes, and commercial chemical cleaners, which are caustic and a health hazard, even when used according to instructions.” — Colepepper Plumbing in California

• To keep dirt from sticking to your dustpan, spray it lightly with furniture polish. Buff with a cloth so that it’s not wet. Floor dirt will slide right off.

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