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Now here’s a tip!



• Tackle the nitty gritty around knobs and crevices of your kitchen appliances with a toothbrush! Just dampen it, add a bit of baking soda for a gritty scrub that won’t scratch, and then dip it in dish soap to cut through grease and grime.

• “Want your readers to last longer? Keep them in a fabric pouch when not in use. You can attach a keychain ring to a fabric pouch and hang that from a lanyard worn around your neck if you want to keep them on you. Reading glasses bump into many things and can get scratched easily, so protect them.” — F.J. in Florida

• Maybe you’re not putting miles on your vehicle like you used to, but don’t neglect your car! Take some time to get your car’s interior looking great so she’ll be ready when you get back on the road. Give the upholstery a good cleaning. Bust out the detail brushes on your vacuum or shop vac, and give leather and plastic surfaces a wipe down with a protectant.

• Never scrub a cast iron skillet. It needs the patina in order to heat food evenly. Here’s how to keep your’s operational: Clean with a stiff brush and regular dish soap. Rinse clean, and dry immediately, preferably by placing it on a warm to hot burner for a few minutes. When dry, rub with a light coating of oil.

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