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Now here’s a tip!



• Window frames can be tricky to clean. And they are a magnet for dust and dirt, or worse — condensation that can lead to mold. To get into the crevices, employ a toothbrush sprayed with a tiny spritz of furniture polish. It works!

• “Firing up the grill? Don’t get hasty. Preheat. Cooking times are based on an even cooking temperature, and you’ll get that good sear on your steaks or chicken. Use a grill thermometer and you’ll know when just the right time is to put dinner on the grill!” — T.E. in South Carolina

• Ever wonder how long your peanut butter will last? On the pantry shelf, you can expect it to hold for 7-12 months if stored in a cool dark place. After opening, it will last 3-4 months in the fridge.

• Smudged mascara? Remove it on the fly with a little bit of lip balm. Simply run your finger over the lip balm, then carefully remove the smudge. You also can put a bit of the lip balm on a tissue and use that instead.

• “I dropped a glass in the kitchen, and there were a ton of small pieces. After I swept up, I wiped the area with a piece of bread, which picked up all the small shards.” — W.C. in Kentucky

• Stick-down carpet tiles are great for making a path from where you park your car in the garage to the door. It makes a nice nonslip surface.” — R.T. in Florida

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