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• Consumer advocacy experts say that it’s best to communicate your service issues with a company by email. This way, there is a ready paper trail that you can refer to. If you have to call a customer service line, ask for an email address that you can correspond with.

• If your scallions are growing like crazy, you should know that you can freeze them to use later. Snip into smaller portions and freeze in a single layer for a couple of hours. Transfer to a container and store in freezer. When a recipe calls for scallions, just take what you need and use immediately.

• Save energy and heat by using an electric kettle to make hot water for tea. It uses less energy than a stovetop kettle, and it won’t heat up your kitchen.

• Stuff a musty cooler with crumpled up newspaper and seal. Remove and replace daily until the musty smell goes away.

• When making cookie dough, make extra and freeze it in balls or slices. You’ll have an easy source of ready-to-bake fresh cookies!

• “ You can use dishwasher detergent to clean your bathtub. I moved into a place with a very stained and dirty bathtub. I filled the tub with very hot water, put a cup of detergent into the water (the kind you put in a dishwasher, not soap) and stirred it to dissolve the powder. After letting it sit until it was just warm, I used a scrub brush to lightly lift away the soapy grime. It lifted stains out, too.” — G.G. in South Carolina

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