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• If you go to a yard sale and an item catches your eye, don’t be afraid to haggle. If the owner can’t agree to your price, give him your name and phone number. If it doesn’t sell, he might be ready to accept a lower price.

• “You can sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your porcelain sinks for a non-harsh scrub. It serves a double purpose, because it will also freshen and absorb odors, then get washed right down the drain!” — M.M. in Texas

• “I have a beautiful glass window in my front door. Unfortunately, once a day, the sun comes streaming through it and seems to magnify. I have a couple of hooks that are backed by suction cups. I can hang a garden flag from the hooks to cover the window. Sometimes I even use it at night for privacy. It still looks pretty from the other side if I don’t take it down, and it didn’t involve any holes in my door!” — W.D. in Kentucky

• Make-up bags make the perfect place to stash extra cords and accessories for your computer or other devices. Put them in a basket and all your tech will stay orderly.

• Car Wash Tips: Use a soap that’s made for vehicles, because it’s less likely to strip the protective coating off your paint. Don’t wash in full sun if possible. If you must, then work in small sections to keep soap from drying on the car. Rinse off your sponge regularly — the dirt and grime can scratch the surface. Use a microfiber cloth to dry.

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