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Now here’s a tip!



• “Technology is going to be a significant part of our back to school strategy. So, this year, we made sure we have extra chargers and headphones, plus set up a charging station for all school items. We are doing everything we can to be prepared!” —M.K. in Louisiana

• Double crust pies should be cooked on the bottom rack. This will ensure the pie is cooked from the bottom and the top crust will not overbrown.

• Cane-bottom chairs feeling a little bit loose? You can tighten the cane by taking them outdoors, thoroughly wetting the seat from the underside with hot water, then letting them dry in the full sun. The drying process can shrink the cane, causing it to tighten.

• “I recently inherited a beautiful cedar chest from my grandmother, who is downsizing. To freshen the smell of cedar, we lightly sanded the interior and buffed out the dust with a rag that we put a little cedar oil on. It’s totally renewed and ready for all my heirloom quilts!” — T.F. in South Carolina

• Use a bit of shaving cream to spot clean a carpet. The “soap” is easily controlled and doesn’t spread unless you make it spread. Use a damp, clean sponge to rinse.

• Things you can do with chunks of Styrofoam: Use them as filler in a large garden pot so that you don’t need as much potting soil; create a stamp for a fun art project; set a square of thick foam into a small box and poke holes to hold a set of colored pencils upright.

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